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Our Mission

We are on a relentless mission to empower physicians. We continually strive to support, assist and advise our doctors as they transition in their careers.

Our Ethics

Resolve Direct is the first physician job search tool of its kind. We've worked hard to create a fully transparent job search tool that allows physicians to compare practices and locations before applying.

We know that during the job search, physicians can be bombarded with calls, emails and false listings. Resolve Direct cuts through the clutter to put you, the physician, directly in contact with the practice.

No middle men, hidden costs, or solicitations. Just physicians finding jobs.

A Data-First Mentality

years of experience compiling hiring contacts at practices and hospitals nationwide.

Physician jobs.
Data on

hospitals & practices nationwide.

We never sell your data to recruiters.


What makes Resolve Direct unique?

Resolve Direct is the first website to allow physicians to apply directly to jobs based on location, practice type and many more important metrics.

Where does Resolve Direct get its data?

Resolve Direct gets its data using powerful technology to simplify your job search and an experienced in-house research team.

Is Resolve Direct a job search platform for health care professionals besides physicians?

No. Resolve Direct is exclusively designed to meet the needs of physicians.

How is the hiring manager verified for a practice?

All contacts are individually verified by Resolve Direct's technology and experienced research team.

What if I need additional assistance in my job search?

You can speak to an agent here